Coffee Service Filtration

Reduce Coffee Machine Maintenance and Downtime
While Producing Better Tasting Coffee

Coffee is



Coffee Is Almost Entirely Made of Water

That means the water used to brew coffee has a major impact on its taste!

Argonide’s Encapsulated NanoCeram® cartridges can supplement your client’s RO systems as a post filter or can be used on its own to improve the taste of the coffee.

Delight your customers with the additional protection, cost savings, and delicious taste that Argonide encapsulated filters provide.

Customer Experiences from Argonide Filtration


  • REDUCED overall operating costs
  • REDUCED maintenance and repairs
  • STOPS premature fouling of equipment

Coffee Quality

  • BLOCKS contaminants
  • REDUCES chlorine, taste, and odor
  • REDUCES cysts by at least 99.97%

Improve the
Customer Experience

  • REDUCED downtime for repairs
  • STOPS premature fouling of eqiupment
  • INCREASES effectiveness of RO membranes

How It Works

One of the main challenges and top priorities for commercial operators in the OCS (office coffee service) business is the protection of expensive coffee making equipment as well as reverse osmosis membranes that are often used in the industry. Increased wastewater, membrane replacements, energy usage, and chemicals all degrade the bottom line. Argonide’s patented NanoCeram® technology provides a cost effective solution for these issues.

Argonide’s NanoCeram® filter media is a non-woven, electropositive filtration media and provides unique features. The media has a very high surface area which promotes retention of negatively charged particles and organic matter at a rate greater than 95%. This feature applies to organics, microbial, and colloidal substances. It removes the bad and leaves the good. Unlike RO membranes, it does NOT strip out valuable minerals needed for a better pot of coffee.

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