Welcome to Argonide's monthly customer contest!

How does it work?   For Argonide established customers, there will be a new "Do You Know" question every month on our Water Education page.  You will have the opportunity to submit your answer for a chance to receive 5% off your next NanoCeram® brand filters.  (Maximum savings up to $500)
(This contest does NOT apply to purchases of custom products, CoolBlue® brand filters, or contract pricing.)

Our Research Scientist, Dr. Yuly Vesga, will post a question related to the water industry and, if you know the answer, fill out the form with your name, your company name, email address and the answer to the question.  Hit submit answer and your are entered! 
If your submission is correct, you will be entered into a drawing for your opportunity to win.

October: Question of the month

What type of filter is best at removing viruses?