[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] 2005 Received first patent for NanoCeram®

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] 2005 NanoCeram® Filter enters the market

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] 2005 NanoCeram® receives the Hall of Fame Award from the space foundation

Space hall of fame


[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] 2006 Licensed Ahlstrom Filtration with exclusive world-wide rights to manufacture, market and sell non-woven material based on Argonide’s patents.

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] 2007 Launch of NanoCeram® VS (virus sampler) SeriesThe focus of the VS2.5-5 cartridge’s development was in response to the EPA’s desire for a low cost virus sampler. Target parameters included a cartridge capable of sampling 500 liters of river water, with high turbidity, in a period of 1-2 hours.

1/28/14-Argonide Inc. water filters, Sanford, Fl.

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