why argonide

Argonide’s NanoCeram® technology can help you protect your systems and save you money!
Whether it be RO, industrial equipment, OCS (office coffee service equipment) or other
commercial applications, Argonide’s electropositive technology excels at removing
particulate matter at a low pressure drop through adhesion.

increased throughput
  • DECREASES energy usage

    REDUCES reject water

saves on cost
  • STOPS premature fouling of your RO membrane

    INCREASES the effective lifetime of your RO membrane

    REDUCES cleaning cycles

    DECREASES wear & tear associated with cleaning products

how it works

It has been known that one of the main challenges face by RO (Reverse Osmosis) system
is membrane fouling. The protection of the membranes and prevention of this fouling are a top
priority for RO users due to the high cost of membranes (mainly in industrial applications).
To provide a great solution to this problem, Argonide had invented and patented NanoCeram®.

This electropositive filter possesses very unique features, such as high surface area, which promotes
the retention of negatively charged particles and organic matter with efficiency greaterthan 95% in a broad
solution pH (5-11). When NanoCeram® is not present, some of these organics, microbial, colloidal substances, and
Transparent Exopolymers Particles (TEP) will be deposited on the membrane surface causing its fouling.
Moreover, it has been proven that TEP play a significant role in the severity of the membrane fouling. However,
when the membrane was protected by NanoCeram®, three major advantages were observed: first, the presence of
TEP on the membrane surface was reduced by approximately 80%. Second, silt density index was decreased
dramatically to 0.5 min-1. And finally, its installation for RO protection will not only be easily integrated
into existing processes configurations, but also will ensure a longer life cycle of the membrane, as well
as removal of microbiological contaminants with a high efficiency.

case studies
about argonide

Founded in 1994, Argonide is dedicated to the science and manufacture of water filtration
products that produce microbiologically pure water. Argonide’s innovative and unique filtration
technology and systems are positively impacting billions of gallons of water worldwide in many vertical
markets from medical and manufacturing to residential and hospitality.

Through Argonide’s OEM and dealer network, there’s a good chance you’ve used a product or service of
which Argonide’s filtration technology was an integral component. Argonide continually strives to
innovate water filtration with inventions and patents that are inspired by NASA-derived technology
(such as NanoCeram® filtration technology), to the use of DEAL® in residential systems
(CoolBlue® filtration systems). Argonide stands behind its technology as evidenced by
IAPMO certification. Argonide is an ISO 9001:2015 registered manufacturer.

our innovators
Fred Tepper, Founder & CEO

Fred Tepper is the genesis and driving force behind all that is Argonide. During Fred’s tenure at CRC (Catalyst Research Corporation) his research and development team developed and patented a revolutionary lithium battery that would allow a pacemaker to run ten plus years without recharging. After Fred’s retirement in 1997, he founded Argonide as an investment in nanotechnology. Ultimately, the nanotechnology concentration evolved into an electropositive adsorption material. It was that material that later would become NanoCeram filter media.

Dr, Leonid Kaledin, Vice president R&D

Leonid Kaledin is a brilliant and accomplished scientist with a long distinguished career. He has 70+ papers published in peer-reviewed international journals, 60+ granted patents and patent applications and citations of more than 1500. He has worked in the fields of spectroscopy, laser spectroscopy and water filtration. Under NASA sponsorship, Leo developed a Nano-Ceramic sterilization filter for recycling wastewater to produce potable and hygiene waters for NASA’s space advanced life support programs. Our favorite listing for Leo is he is the Co-inventor of NanoCeram® and DEAL water® filtration media.

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