About the Program

Argonide is proud to present the Prove-It™ Program as part of an ongoing effort to expand the use of its patented NanoCeram® technology into new markets.

This program has been designed for those facing challenges with specific applications for which they are seeking innovative solutions as part of a new approach.

Our NanoCeram® technology does offer a different tack and the program will seek to prove the value of this technology.

How Does the Program Work?

Nanotechnology filtersThe Prove-It™ Program provides a limited supply of free NanoCeram® filters for the sole use of proving the concept.

If you wish to be considered for this program, please provide detailed responses to the five (5) questions (in the downloadable attachment below). We will review your responses and you will hear back from us within one (1) week of your application.

Based on the responses to the questions, Argonide will work closely with the applicant to determine the best course of action to follow using NanoCeram® technology.

To Apply

Download the form below and fill out completely.

ProveIt Application

When completed or if any questions, email Henry Frank (VP Sales & Marketing).