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Argonide filters produce great tasting microbiologically pure water!

This is accomplished by two Electro Positive Technologies:, NanoCeram® & DEAL®. The media capture is ELECTROADSORPION.
Argonide is a water filter manufacturer. The company is Technology Rich & Quality Strong.
The company has 7 patents, covering two technologies (NanoCeram® & DEAL®) in over 11 countries.
Argoinde is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is audited against those standards annually.
All Argonide standard products and purifier systems are certified against NSF standards for P231, 42, and 53.


NASA Derived Technology.

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CoolBlue® Technologies

Full Line of Microbiological Purifiers

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Microbiological Plus+

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Argonide's Technology is Global!

Argonide’s water filters and water systems are utilized around the world!