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NanoCeram-VS® Series
Virus Sampler Filter Cartridges

1/28/14-Argonide Inc. water filters, Sanford, Fl.

The  New & Improved NanoCeram® Virus Sampler uses Argonide’s patented electropositive non-woven filter media in a pleated cartridge. The family of NanoCeram® Virus Samplers is capable of meeting the rigid testing methodology for virus sampling as specified by the EPA (see USEPA Methods of Virology, Chapter 14, April 2001 and Method 1615), and has enhanced recovery.

The VS2.5-5 cartridge exceeds the EPA’s desire for low-cost

purpose for the VS2.5-5 cartridge’s development was in response to the EPA’s desire for a low-cost virus sampler. The VS2.5-5 is supplied in cases containing individually induction-sealed polybags which have been sterilized and certified as such by the TAMU Electron Beam Facility in College Station, Texas.

Target parameters included a cartridge capable of sampling 500 liters of river water, with high turbidity, in 1 to 2 hours. The NanoCeram® VS2.5-5 cartridge was tested by a continuous stream containing 250 NTU of 3 μm APS A2 fine test dust at 5.5 lpm (1.5 gpm). After 90 minutes it had filtered 119g of dust from 508 liters while maintaining <0.01 NTU in the effluent (99.996% retention) at which point the test was terminated.

To meet the autoclaving protocol within the EPA’s Methods, Argonide has incorporated high-temperature components within the original 5” Virus Sampler and the larger capacity 10” Virus Sampler. Both models are fully autoclavable.


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