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NanoCeram-PACB® Series
Powder Activated Carbon + Carbon Block Filter Cartridges


NanoCeram-PACB™ pleated filter cartridges with a carbon block center core combine high efficiency particulate filtration and a high efficiency (powdered) activated carbon (PAC) with a carbon block for increased chlorine adsorption. The NanoCeram-PACB™ is a further advancement in Argonide’s series of filters and is a major breakthrough in activated carbon filtration. The addition of a carbon block provides a greater chlorine adsorption curve than a NanoCeram-PAC™ filter cartridge for applications requiring greater reduction of such contaminants. The line of NanoCeram-PACB cartridges offers a unique combination of efficiency & capacity for particulate as well as adsorption of chemical and soluble contaminants such as soluble organics and chlorine. Their best use is in those applications where a combination of fouling-resistant soluble contaminant removal and particulate reduction is desired.

Available Sizes

  • PACB2.5-10
  • PACB4.5-10, 20,

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