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NanoCeram-LR® Series
Lenticular Replacement Pleated Filter Cartridges

LR SeriesCartridges (LR-19) have been designed to replace standard lenticular filters with advantages of improved efficiency and increased capacity and to fit into existing lenticular filter housings. The NanoCeram-LR has a single pore size (2 μm) for all applications and effectively removes particulates down to 5 nm (0.005 μm).

The unique construction of the NanoCeram-LR directs water flow through the two pleated layers of Argonide’s patented media and combines high efficiency and high dirt holding capacity while providing superior flow rates at low differential pressures.

The NanoCeram-LR exhibits high removal efficiency of submicron particles including virus, bacteria, metals, metal oxides and other colloidal materials. Each LR-19 contains over 19 square feet of NanoCeram electropositive


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