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Double Layer Pleated Filter Cartridges


Argonide’s NanoCeram-DPTM Series Pleated Filter Cartridges offer two pleated layers of our patented electropositively-charged filter media, providing a unique combination of high efficiency, capacity, flow rate for particulate adsorption while maintaining a low pressure drop.

A combination of a thermally-bonded blend of microglass fibers & cellulose infused with nanoalumina fibers in a non-woven matrix creates an electropositively-charged depth filter media. When assembled into a pleated cartridge, the NanoCeram-DPfilter offers an ultra-high level of filtration efficiency because of the extra bed-depth of the two layers of electropositive filter media.

These cartridges are available in four (4) versions: standard, powder activated carbon (PAC), and two hybrid filters both of which incorporate an activated carbon block as the center core with one using standard NanoCeram media and the other using NanoCeram-PAC media as a pleated layer surrounding the carbon block.

Available Sizes

  • P2.5-5DP, 10DP, 20DP
  • P4.5-10DP, 20DP

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