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In addition to our product data sheets, here are several documents describing our technology and its application:

Filtration of Soluble Metals & Organic Contaminants by Nanoalumina Fiber Filters: “This paper demonstrates how the strong inherent electropositive charge properties of nano alumina (AlOOH) fiber that is 2 nm in diameter is incorporated into media and can be used for purification of water containing many metal ions, endocrine disruptors and PCB’s.”

Method of Measuring Occurrence & Exposure from Viruses in Drinking & Recreational Waters: Presented by G. Shay Fout, Nichole E. Brinkman, Mohammad R. Karim, et al . . . U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Cincinnati, Ohio

Technology Behind NanoCeram and NanoCeram PAC Filters: “Data are presented comparing the performance of these filters benchmarked against a number of different depth filter media’s as well as membranes . . .”

Virus and Protein Separation Using Nanoalumina Fiber Media: “Feasibility was demonstrated for concentrating virus and protein with enrichment fact of 105 or greater. The reversible adsorption of a mouse serum protein is described. These data suggest….”

Electropositive Filtration Technology in Toyota Automobile Manufacturing Applications: “The drive for reducing the costs associated with the production and treatment of water at Toyota is described. NanoCeram has found use for pre-filtration for RO and for removing colloidal iron.”

Study of a Novel Depth Filter for Reducing of SWRO Membrane Fouling: “The removal efficiency of NanoCeram/Disruptor was tested using lab scale filtration and RO cell units. Raw seawater from the North Sea was filtered. High resolution images of fouled RO and cleaned RO are shown.”

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