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Everyone knows that clean drinking water is a necessity of life

Consumer waterWhat you may not know is that in the United States alone:

  • Americans drink more than one billion glasses of tap water per day.
  • Children, in the first six months of life, consume 7 times as much water, per pound, as the average American adult.
  • An estimated 7,000,000 people become ill and more than 1,000 die each year from disease causing microbes in water.
  • According to the EPA, up to 50% of water-borne gastrointestinal illness is caused by viral contamination.
  • Treatment plants cannot ensure that drinking water is free of microbial pathogens.
  • Microsporidia – Small pathogens that may escape conventional filtration.

Argonide’s mission is to provide high quality and cost effective NanoCeram® water filtration & purification filter cartridges and systems to help maintain a safe water supply for your home’s water purification needs. The goal is to provide kitchen water filters, countertop water filters, whole-house water filters, water bottle filters, etcetera . . . all powered by NanoCeram® technology.

Argonide’s Mission

Provide high quality and cost effective NanoCeram® water filtration products to help maintain safe water solutions.

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