NanoCeram-LR™- High performance pleated filter cartridge

NanoCeram-LR™ – Electropositive Pleated Filters for Lenticular Housings

Argonide has developed their NanoCeram-LR™ (LR-19) high performance pleated filter cartridge specifically engineered and designed as a drop-in replacement for lenticular, or stacked disc, filters.

This pleated filter cartridge has a narrower profile and lower shipping weight per cartridge to help reduce shipping/warehousing costs. And, since each LR-19 holds less water, it greatly eases the process of filter replacement for the operator with a “lighter when wet” filter cartridge.

The LR-19 fits most commercially available lenticular housings and results have shown a greater dirt-holding capacity, higher beta ratio, wider operating pH range & tolerance for salt versus other charged lenticular filters. Initial bacteria and virus retention greater than 7 LRV and 6 LRV (respectively) are projected for the LR-19 cartridges.