NanoCeram-DP™ – Double Pleated Layer Electropositive Filter Cartridges

Double Pleated Layers

Argonide’s NanoCeram-DP™ high performance pleated filter cartridge NanoCeram-DP™ cartridges offer two pleated layers of our patented electropositively-charged filter media. This results in a deeper bed-depth and a significant increase in particle adsorption efficiency.

The DP line of filters includes those manufactured with Argonide’s original electropositive filter media as well as the newer carbon-impregnated (NanoCeram-PAC) media. Results have shown an enhanced dirt-holding capacity, higher beta ratio versus the NanoCeram single layered pleated filter cartridges. Laboratory testing shows that initial bacteria and virus retention efficiency levels are greater than 7 LRV and 6 LRV (respectively) for the DP cartridges.

To ease market acceptance, the line of DP filters have been designed, engineered and manufactured to fit most commercially available filter housings and appear virtually identical to standard 2.5” & 4.5” diameter pleated filter cartridges. These are available in 10”, 20”, 30” & 40” lengths.