Argonide supports Nano Technologies Inc. at EPRI Power Plant Water Treatment Conference

The EPRI’s conference, which was held on February 17 & 18 in St. Petersburg, FL, is designed to address a full realm of power plant water treatment topics including secondary and feedwater systems for nuclear and fossil power plants and combined cycle heat recovery steam generators (HRSG), as well as Reactor Water Cleanup (RWCU), Chemical and Volume Control System (CVCS), Steam Generator Blowdown (SGBD), Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) cycles and other process water purification systems found in power plants.

Argonide attended this conference to support Nano Technologies, Inc. in their efforts to introduce Argonide’s patented hyper-adsorbent, AIOOH nanofiber and AIOOH nanocoating technologies to electric power generation industries.  Most recently Leo Kaledin (Argonide V/P R&D) teamed with John Thomas (NTI – CTO) at the EPRI Power Plant Process Water Treatment Conference in St.  Petersburg, FL.

The conference served as a soft launch of Argonide’s  AlOOH nanocoated DEAL for the removal of colloidal particulates from the condensate of both the primary and secondary steam generation sides.  Interest in DEAL was received from Scandinavian, French, British as well as North American utilities.  From meetings held at the conference an opportunity was presented to test DEAL’s retention and removal performance of specific isotopes from treated water for a Far Eastern utility.

As a result of the DEAL launch and the successful collaboration between Argonide and NTI, it was agreed that the teaming continue.  Next on the schedule is joint participation at the EPRI Low Level Waste Conference to be held in Orlando, FL June 20 – 23 2016.

At the Orlando conference, Leo Kaledin will make a presentation on the development and application of the hyper adsorbent DEAL for removing active components from liquid process streams.   Look for the pre-conference publication of the DEAL paper on both the Argonide and Nano Technologies websites.