Argonide Introduces New Line of Encapsulated Filters

Argonide Corporation, Inc., the leader in microbiological water filtration, is proud to announce its collaboration with Omnipure Filter Company in the manufacture of its new line of encapsulated NanoCeram® filters.

Argonide created this line of encapsulated filters initially for their customers who have been requesting a filter that would give the operator minimal exposure to hazardous cleaning solvents as recommended during sump/well type cartridges change out.  Additionally, customers like the ease associated with replacing an encapsulated cartridge.  These features are also extremely important for the food & beverage industry which Argonide services.

Commenting on the collaboration, Ray Knispel, President of Argonide, stated:  “Our selection of Omnipure as our encapsulation vendor was an easy decision.  Omnipure is a known quality provider of encapsulated products to the industry.  Additionally, we have worked with them on several other projects with great success.   Also, their hardware scheme is the most prolific and universally accepted for quarter turn units which allow us to offer our product efficiently to the largest audience.”



About Omnipure

Omnipure is an exceptional supplier of water filtration components for Industrial, commercial and residential applications. In 1970 Omnipure Filter Company revolutionized the filtration industry by making the first small, disposable, inline carbon filter. From this simple concept of “better tasting water”, Omnipure Filter Company has grown and developed.   Additional information on Omnipure can be found at

About Argonide

Argonide, since 1994, has been dedicated to the science and manufacture of patented water filtration products that produce not only great-tasting clean water but also water that is microbiologically pure.

Argonide continually strives to innovate water filtration with inventions and patents that are inspired by NASA-derived technology (such as NanoCeram® filtration technology), to the use of DEAL® in residential systems (CoolBlue® filtration systems).  Argonide stands behind its technology as evidenced by IAPMO certification.

Argonide is an ISO 9001:2015 registered manufacturer.


Visit for more information about Argonide Corporation.


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