Argonide’s DEAL® Filtration Technology Is Now Patented!

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Argonide’s DEAL® Filtration Technology
is now Patented!!!

What is DEAL?  

  • DEAL is a patented process product where by DE (diatomaceous earth) is coated with aluminum oxide-hydroxide (AlOOH). 
  • DEAL is highly electropositive (up to +80 mV), while bare DE is highly electronegative (-70mV).
  • The strong electropositive forces attract and retain colloidal particles that are intrinsically electronegative in water.
  • When used in the pre-coat process, this grade of DEAL can remove 99.99999% of bacteria and virus, and reduce soluble lead from 150 ppb down to 7 ppb.

How Does Standard DE Work?

  • DEAL is a functionalized/improved form of DE. DE has been used extensively to purify water in swimming pools, as well as industrial and municipal plants.
  • A pre-coat filter bed of DE, generally 3 mm thick, is first formed and then additional DE is added to the body fluid.
  • When the pressure drop exceeds specification, the DE bed, with contaminants, is internally back washed and discarded. DE has limited efficiency for removing bacteria, virus and colloids, and no capability for removing arsenic or lead.


You can combine DEAL® with Carbon to make a DEAL® Carbon Block or DEAL® can be formed into a block itself.

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