Presentation at the 2010 AFS Conference

Presentation at the 2010 AFS (American Filtration Society) Conference in San Antonio

Argonide is presenting experimental data on NanoCeram in a dual pleated (DP) layer format. In comparison testing with this DP format, NanoCeram had a flowrate about 25 times greater than almost all depth media and all membranes tested; yet had a higher efficiency for virus removal than all depth media as well as charged 0.1 micron and uncharged 0.025 micron membranes.

Test data shows NanoCeram has a high efficiency for retaining endotoxins as well as RNA/DNA. Many of the competitive media leaked fine test dust particles at the outset while NanoCeram kept the turbidity below 0.01 NTU. All of the competitive charged media showed substantial virus leakage when in the presence of salt or under alkaline conditions.

Third party (IBR) testing of NanoCeram-DP cartridges shows 99.98% retentionof black iron oxide particles between 0.1 and 0.25 microns (ASTM F795-88), at pH 9.5 and 65°C, while that of a competitor was only 65%.